Personal Update

Personal Update

Ordinarily I comment on one of the Scriptures for the following weekend, but I have been asked to comment on a more personal issue. So I hope you will indulge me in this Abundant Lite. Next week will be back to the Scripture.

I thought of making the header to say “Where’s Susan?” The answer requires me to give an update on Susan’s and my health.

First Susan. In late October, Susan was hit with a severe ear/sinus infection. This had an impact on vision, balance, and several aspects of her hearing. In addition, it required lot’s of time with several doctors and Urgent Care visits. Loud noise had become very painful to Susan.

Since October, Susan has missed lots of work time and has shifted her worship time to Saturday at 4 or Sunday at 8. She has not been able to sing with the choir. Despite all the medical expertise, the first prognosis from the EENT specialist seems to have been most accurate. It will get better, but it will take time. Susan is getting better and I don’t believe has missed but one weekend of worship. The 4 & 8 worshipers are getting to know her. She hopes to be back in choir when she is able. She needs to target her energy on her classroom and her students.

My situation is simpler. Since being diagnosed with MS in August, I have been doing lots of work with several doctors to make sure that I understand the disease and manage my care. The diagnosis came from an MRI of my spine when investigating a pinched nerve. I was, and remain largely without symptoms. It turns out that the problems I thought were related, were actually the result of a pinched nerve.

Evidently, despite my best efforts, I am aging and getting the aches and pains most people are familiar with. I now see a Neurologist occasionally and take medication once a week.

Susan and I are well cared for medically. We are blessed by God’s love, with our own faith and the support and prayers of family and parish.

Neither of us is going anywhere. Although we have been here 23 years, we are not very close to retirement. Both Susan and I are delighted in our Vocations and we regularly seek to develop and grow. I am looking forward to the next stage of my ministry with St. Paul in the Desert. To that end, I anticipate beginning my second Sabbatical in the next 18 months.

Join Susan and me in worship this weekend as we practice God’s abundant love together and live it out the rest of the week.

Fr. Andrew

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  1. by Doug Thompson

    On November 25, 2012

    Personal matters mix well with the impersonal quality of religious matters, which may be why Christian lore and literature succeeded. The failure of the physical , when it evolves into the ascension of the spiritual, is a glory instead of a tragedy. You and Susan are inspiring as leaders as you “make straight the pathway of the Lord.” Also could you send Audrey info on the program next Monday at St Margaret’s with Diane Butler Bass, (presumably on fishing)? Thanks. Be a new grandpa with glory. DT

  2. by Willo Fuhr

    On May 2, 2013

    Dear Andrew,
    We are ” month of March parishioners” from Michigan and always enjoy our time of worship at St. Paul’s while we are in Palm Springs. We are sorry to hear of the health issues you and your wife are going through. Know that you are in our prayers and that we look forward to seeing you again next March.
    Blessing and peach to both of you.
    Willo and Gordon Fuhr

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