A New Way to Be Christian

In the reading from Acts 10 we read this weekend, the apostle Peter and his friends experience and we readers witness a new way of being Christian. People who had no business being included are embraced. They are embraced, not by the Christians initially, but by God’s Spirit. Peter catches on and becomes an advocate for this new way.

This weekend we are hosting a small event with Robert V. Taylor. He will be reading from his new book: A New Way To Be Human. Robert will read from and sign copies of his book at 9:15 in the library.

In my reading of Roberts book, I have already discovered some similarities between it and Peter’s new way of being Christian. Both emphasize a gentle engagement with hospitality, both are about building community, and both a Spirit driven. If you are in the neighborhood tomorrow, join us.

After our small event, Robert heads to Los Angeles for another event to engage in creative spiritual growth. On Wednesday evening he will have a conversation with the Rt. Rev. Desmond Tutu in the Bing Auditorium at LACMA. The 7:30 event was sold out within minutes of being announced online.

The reading from Acts, Robert’s new book, and the up-coming conversation with Bp. Tutu are all part of building our spiritual community here at St. Paul’s.

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