Adult Faith Formation Offerings for the Last Year

Our Adult Faith Formation Team has done great work to provide interesting, informative, and often transformational learning opportunities.

Jerry Di Noto is the chair and he is assisted by the Rev. Dr. David Abernethy-Deppe and the Rev. Canon Victoria Hatch. Rick Tinsley, Jerry Lynch, John Harper, Craig Ewing, Bob Poehling, Andrew Green, and Susan Green are or have been leading these sessions.

The Team is open to suggestions for topics.

Thanks for the great work.

Fr. Andrew

Anglican/Episcopal Tradition
What it means and from whence we came? Presentations aimed at assisting us to discover our origins and how we have developed as an ongoing, growing community of faith. -Three Sessions.

Apocalyptic Writings
What does it mean? This is study of how and why apocalyptic writing came to be. A look at the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel will be studied as they are examples of this interesting and controversially interpreted form of biblical literature. .- Two Sessions

Buddhism: A World Religion
This series is a basic overview and study of Buddhism. It will include: Buddhism- as world religion, The Life of the Buddha, Concept of “All is Suffering;” The Path to Nirvana, and The Buddhist Community. There will be DVD presentations on the topics and discussion to follow; a Teacher from the Dharmachakra Buddhist Center to be present at one of the sessions. -Five Sessions

Creeds of the Church
Historically, Christian creeds have included everything from brief affirmations to comprehensive statements. The earliest Christian creed is found in the New Testament, which declares, “Jesus is Lord” This four session series examines the historic creeds (New Testament Creed, Apostles’ Creed, Nicene Creed and Athanasian Creed. Also a look at contemporary confessions of faith, especially those coming out of the Anglican Church of England and New Zealand Prayer Book. -Four Sessions

Enriching our Prayer Life
This series is an exploration of a broad spectrum of types and traditions of prayer—spoken and non-verbal, traditional and contemporary, from Christian and other faith practices. The final project will be for us to create our own distinctive versions of the Prayers of the People. -Four Sessions

Epistle of First Peter
A three session series based on the Epistle First Peter, the Epistle readings for the Easter Season (Cycle A): It will include,1st Peter: Persecution of the Early Christians; an overview: 1st Peter Easter Readings; what does 1st Peter say to us today. – Four sessions

Faith and Doubting
Do you have doubts about your faith? Are answers satisfactory? How I can be a good Christian when I have so many questions and doubts? This class will assist in an understanding of the value and nature of doubts/questions in our faith journey. – One Session.

Falling Upward
Based on Richard Rohr’s book of the same title, this discussion group will explore how we make sense of present as we look at our past and our failings. It is an invitation to explore how the second half of life can be full of spiritual richness. Simply put, “What seems to be falling down can largely be an experience of falling upward.” – Six Sessions

Great Figures of the New Testament Series (Characters in the Bible):
– St. Thomas: The “doubting Thomas” label- an unfortunate misnomer, also a look at Thomas’ ancient texts.
– Mary Magdalene: The myths and legends and reality about this interesting woman.
– Martha, Mary, & Lazarus: The key roles they play in understanding Jesus.
– John the Baptist: A look at who was this messianic forerunner.
– The Gentle Mother: The Syro-Phoenician woman whose child Jesus refused to heal.
-James: The brother of Jesus, or was he? -The controversy surrounding whether Jesus had siblings.
-One session each topic

Hebrew Scriptures
This series provides an overview of the “Old Testament.” It includes a study of: The Pentateuch (or Torah); the Former Prophets (the Historical books); the Latter Prophets ( Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Book of the Twelve); the Poetic Books and wisdom Literature. This study will provide a valuable background for any future study of individual books from Hebrew scripture. Bring a Bible! -Four Sessions

Historical Jesus
These presentations will attempt to reconstruct the life of the historical Jesus: who he was and what did he actually say and do. In other words, “Will the real Jesus please stand up!” Marcus Bourg’s book, “Meeting Jesus For the First Time” will assist in providing a background for this series. – Four Sessions

In the Footsteps of Paul: An In-Depth Study of Paul’s Missionary Travels and Writings.
An overview of the New Testament, with includes a focus on Paul, the earliest Christian writer, and his Epistles. Finally, we ourselves will make and in-depth study and comparison of two of Paul’s letters: First Thessalonians and Philippians. -Four Sessions

Islam: An Introduction to Understanding Islam.
This course is a basic overview and understanding of Islam. Having 1.2 billion adherents, Islam is the second largest and fastest-growing world religion! Unfortunately, many of us in the West are often misinformed about Islam. To better understand this faith, we’ll use several DVD presentations by Dr. John L Esposito, Professor of Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. A representative of the Muslim Public Affairs Council will join us for one of the sessions to answer questions. -Five Sessions

Lenten Wilderness Journey: Baptismal Understanding
The “Journey” will focus on “The Baptismal Covenant” we made at our Baptism (BCP, p. 304-305). This “Lenten Journey” will help us prepare for The Great Vigil of Easter, where we have the opportunity to renew our Baptismal Vows and to celebrate resurrection. -Four Sessions

Liturgy: Practicing the Presence of God
A study of our liturgical worship practices, where they came from; why we do it the way we do; what does it mean? By better understanding the history , structure and meaning of Liturgy, we can enhance our worship experience. By better understanding the history, structure and changes in our Liturgical practices, we’ll become more aware of God’s presence as we go about our lives, sharing the Abundant Life, and serving Christ in others. -Four Sessions

Living the Church Year
This class is designed to assist in understanding the Liturgical Year. The Seasons and Feasts along with all their colors, symbols, and readings that enrich our worship will be explored. This is a wonderful updating for seasoned church folks as well as for new comers. -One Session

Living the Hope of Advent
Advent is season of expectation and hope. Yet it can also be a time when we are challenged with many distractions. Advent, that special time when we recall who we are and who we are called to be. This spirituality series focuses on the joy, wonder, and journey of the season. – Four Sessions

Living With Grateful Hearts
Gratitude is the highest form or prayer! Accepting our roles as stewards is a natural and grateful response to God’s endless generosity. These classes are designed to assist participants in a meaningful discussion of the nature of gratitude and how that is manifested in our ordinary lives. – Three Sessions

New Testament Study
This study is designed to be an overview of the origin and content of New Testament .It will cover the Gospels and the Epistles. This study will provide a valuable background for any future study of individual books of the New Testament. Bring a Bible! -Four Sessions

Pastoral Epistles
This is study into the Epistles of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. These non-Pauline epistles offer a view into the structure of the Early Church communities and the duties of those in charge. Two Sessions

Protestant Reformation
This is an overview study of the major reformers Luther, Calvin as well as the Anabaptist movement. This course is designed to assist participants to understand the motivation and thought of these individuals and how their thought was interpreted. -Four Sessions

Speaking Christian
Marcus Borg’s new book, Speaking Christian: Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and Power and How They Can Be Restored will be the focus of this study group. -Four Sessions

Sunday Dance With the Three-Legged Stool
A study of how the Scripture Readings (First Lesson, Psalm, Second Reading and the Holy Gospel) are chosen; and how those choices influence our worship, preaching, hymn selection, church music, and prayers. -Four Sessions

St Augustine
A study of the life, teachings, and doctrine of St. Augustine, a remarkable philosopher and Saint, whose own search for God profoundly shaped all of Western Christianity. -Four Sessions

Summer Movie Nights.
Cool down, watch a movie, enjoy some popcorn (or chocolates), share some thoughts and discuss the “ethical or life implications” of the featured films. Offered on Tuesdays during July & August.

Synoptic Gospels
This is an overview study of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Who wrote them? When and for whom were they written? How were they similar and how were they different? What literary devices did they use to convey the “Greatest Story Ever Told.” -Three Sessions

Taize´ Prayer Services
Join in solemn choral Evening Prayer following the practice of the Taize´ Community, engaging in meditative singing and prayer. Participants are invited to bring a candle or icon or small cross/crucifix. -Offered during Advent & Lent.

“The Heartbeat of God: Finding the Sacred in the Middle of Everything”
This is a study and discussion of this book written by Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori. It engages participants in an exploration of how our faith intersects and responds to major issues of our day- poverty, climate change, the economy and health care. -Four Sessions

21st Century Christian Response to the World
How do we look at the world as faithful Christians and rational 21st century thinkers? Does “original Sin” cause us to make choices through ‘discounting” or minimalizing and compromising our values? This series explores common ground between faith and understanding. -Four Sessions

Visual Journeying
Visual Journeying is a course designed to help us explore methods of prayer, listening and journaling as a way of nourishing and enhancing our prayer life. -Four Sessions

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