Adult Faith Building Program 2014

The Goal of the Adult Faith Building Program is to build a community of worshippers who continue to spiritually grow in knowledge and practice throughout the phases of their lives. To accomplish this goal on-going courses, workshops, lectures and discussion groups would be offered on varied theological, biblical and spirituality topics.

Our Adult Faith Building Team is dedicated to provide interesting, informative, and often transformational learning opportunities. Our Facilitator-Instructor Team includes: David Caffrey, Jerry Di Noto (chair), Nathan Ensign, Craig Ewing, Victoria Hatch, Bob Hettinger, George Holliday, Jerry Lynch, Bob Semes, Audrey Spencer, Rick Tinsley, John Charles Westaway, Allen Zimmerman.
The Team is always open to suggestions for topics.

The following are 2014 courses/discussion group topics

• Personal Epiphanies of Great Christians (Patrick, Benedict, Leo IX, Gregory VII)
A look at how the lives of these individuals were radically changed as they grew in the understanding of their faith and impacted the course of human history.

• Controversies in the Early Church
These sessions are a brief look at the history of Christianity from the Disciples to the Reformation. Topics include: Imperial Politics and Religion, Constantine and the Established Church, Theological Crisis and Councils regarding the Trinity and Christology.

• Feminine Divine
Recovering the Feminine Face of God through exploring various spiritual traditions around the world in order to renew, integrate and broaden an understanding of God by looking at the creative and nurturing aspects of Divine Nature.

• Hebrew Scriptures (From Solomon to the Babylonian Exile)
A study of these scriptures beginning with Solomon, the Prophets and fall of the Northern Kingdom, the Southern Kingdom and their Prophets and the Babylonian Exile.

• Transfiguration: Twilight Zone on the Mountain
An understanding the biblical Transfiguration of Jesus and implications for daily life.

• Lenten Series: Through Their Eyes; A People’s View of the Global Church.
This Book Study series by author Dean Lueking who takes a look at the Church through various peoples and cultures around the world and his rediscovery of the global church s seen through their eyes.

• Jesus and the Gospels
Weekly topics for this course: Why Not the Historical Jesus, The Resurrection Experience, Symbolic World of Greeks and Jews, Story Parallels with Greek and Jewish Heroes, Jesus in the Memory of the Early Church, Earliest Stages- Paul and the Oral Tradition.

• Accepting God’s Gift of Faith
This six session series is designed to assist participants in preparing for fuller participation into the community through Baptism, Confirmation or Reception.

• Rise to Healing from your Hurt by the Church
A healing opportunity for individuals who have experienced personal hurts through negative experiences in the Church.

• Called to Stewardship & the Ministries of Stewardship
Stewardship is call for a life of giving and sharing our gifts and talents. These sessions demonstrate what it means to be good stewards and offer concrete examples of responding to this call.

• How To Live as a Easter Person
Shared reflection sessions on 1st Epistle of Peter. Topics include: How to love one another from the heart, Enduring when you are beaten and How to Be a Living Stone.

• Responding to Our Baptismal Promise to Respect the Dignity of All People
These sessions reflect on our Baptismal Promise to Respect the dignity of all people and incorporate Social Justice issues. Topics include: Who Is My Neighbor? How do we to Seek and Serve, How to Strive for Peace & Justice? Respecting the dignity of ALL?

• American Founded Religious Movements
These sessions will take an objective look at some American founded religious traditions during the period of the Great Awakening. Religious traditions covered: Later Day Saints, Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventists,

• Of Grief Observed- (Book Study)
An Introduction & Orientation to C.S. Lewis and his book Of Grief Observed. Topics covered: life- loss and living in grief; God in the most grievous of times; Grace-patience- moving forward.

• The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me- (Book Study)
The Writings of Suzanne Hiatt. As we observe the 40th anniversary of the irregular ordination of the group of women who became known as the “Philadelphia Eleven,” Carter Heyward and Janine LeHane gather the writings of Sue Hiatt, considered “bishop to the women” and leader of the movement that led to that momentous occasion

• Looking Forward, Looking Backward: 40 Years of Woman’s Ordination (Book Study) Written by Fedrica Harris, this is a wide-ranging exploration of the past, present, and future effects of women’s ordination on the church. Edited by a well-respected theologian and featuring a diversity of voices from across the Anglican Communion.

• The God Problem (Book Study)
Nigel Leaves’ book, The God Problem looks at the reasons behind the waning of the Christian faith because of its continuing insistence on a supernatural God. He examines four of the most current responses to the increasing difficulty of God-talk in the context of both the resurgence of religious fundamentalism and the latest critical and scientific thinking:
The God Problem looks at the reasons behind the waning of the Christian faith due to its insistence of a supernatural God.

• Spirituality for the Second Half of Life
A journey through the stages of life! Highlighted topics covered: Making the transition and issues of Spiritual Direction; The seven life tasks that must be negotiated; Signposts of a healthy and mature spirituality. For those who seek- the best is yet to come!

• Advent Series
Jesus has come; Jesus comes now; Jesus will come again! This series will unfold an appreciation of the understanding of the threefold comings of Jesus, while highlighting the history and various customs and practices of the Advent Season throughout the Church

• Advent Taize
Taize service uses a setting of icons, candles, lo light, and using short repeated songs to express a basic reality of faith. These services of prayer and meditation become a way of listening to God during expectation season of Advent

• The Episcopal Café Chat Sessions
These discussion based sharing sessions are based on online contemporary topics and issues from Episcopal websites. Topics are posted in our bulletin and linked on our website.
Topics that have been discussed this year are:
Is Christian Unity Anything More Than A Pious Aspiration
Spreading the Word- A Liberal Response
So, Am I Christian or Not
There No Such Thing as an Atheist Baby
Immigration Advocacy Update
Eight Things the Church Needs to Say
Whatever Happened to Inclusive Language
What I Heard in Ferguson
ISIS and the Crisis of Meaning
The Sacred Can be Found in the Sound of Silence
The Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens- Many from Religious Families

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