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Pentecost – Jerry Dinoto

PENTECOST During a seminary Scripture course in Acts, folks were amazed to discover that the feast of Pentecost existed long before Christianity came on the scene. Until then, most presumed Pentecost was a Christian feast, limited to the phenomenon of the Holy Spirit’s arrival. To this day, Jews observe the feast of “Weeks,” celebrated seven […]

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PALM SUNDAY– Jerry Dinoto

Surprise! One of the most exciting things about being a follower of Jesus is to encounter the surprises such discipleship entails. Things didn’t happen exactly the way we anticipate; people didn’t always turn out to be the individuals we think they should be. In today’s reading we read the great Messiah first taking the form […]

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Advent IV Reflection – Jerry Dinoto

Biblical faith rarely revolves around what we can do for God. Our sacred authors are much more concerned with reminding us about the things God has done and will do for us. That’s certainly the case with today’s three inspired writers. Nathan, for instance, dead-ends David’s plans to build a house for Yahweh by simply […]

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Adult Faith Building Program 2014

The Goal of the Adult Faith Building Program is to build a community of worshippers who continue to spiritually grow in knowledge and practice throughout the phases of their lives. To accomplish this goal on-going courses, workshops, lectures and discussion groups would be offered on varied theological, biblical and spirituality topics. Our Adult Faith Building […]

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Adult Faith Formation Offerings for the Last Year

Our Adult Faith Formation Team has done great work to provide interesting, informative, and often transformational learning opportunities. Jerry Di Noto is the chair and he is assisted by the Rev. Dr. David Abernethy-Deppe and the Rev. Canon Victoria Hatch. Rick Tinsley, Jerry Lynch, John Harper, Craig Ewing, Bob Poehling, Andrew Green, and Susan Green […]

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What Makes A Melody?

Nathan B. Ensign, Organist and Choirmaster For my Continuing Education project this summer I am fortunate to be one of eight musicians from across the U.S. and Canada to spend a week with Alice Parker at her home in Western Massachusetts. I attended a one day workshop with her in Berkeley about 15 years ago […]

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St. Paul’s Celebrates Older Americans Month

The Church of St. Paul in The Desert joins President Barack Obama and the nation in celebrating Older Americans Month, May 2012. In his proclamation, the President stated that “our seniors make countless contributions as active participants in communities across America, from our parks and schools to our faith and service organizations.” Indeed, Older Americans, […]

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A cathedral is a prominent house of prayer and worship which is jointly used by the people of a diocese.  It is also typically the seat of the diocesan bishop.  These are definitions which do not begin to embody the prodigious character of a cathedral church. On February 20, the Cathedral of Our Lady of […]

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Have You Heard the Call?

Have you received the call to ministry?  Whenever we hear this question posed most of us automatically think of the clergy.  Too often we see “ministry” as  the domain of those professionals who are “full time in the ministry.”  The reality is that each of us is called to be a minister in the church by virtue […]

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Ministry Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers to run Sunday Ministry services are now needed. Contact us to apply. Thanks!

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