April 29, 2022

Dear Beloved,

As promised, we write to you after last night’s Vestry meeting. After prayer and a robust discussion, the Vestry discerned to continue forward with the proposed plan for in-person worship announced after the March Vestry meeting.

The following changes will take effect in our public worship on Sunday May 1, 2022:

+ 8:00AM – vaccine and mask required

+ 10:30AM (& Wednesday nights) – vaccine and mask strongly recommended

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the following will continue:

+ Funerals, which often have many guests from out of state, will be mask required services (we will not check for vaccinations)

+ Ushers, altar ministers, lectors, and clergy will continue to remain masked unless reading, preaching, or celebrating the Eucharist. Staff singers/choir/ensembles will continue to remain masked during the services

As we said in our last letter, this allows for folks who are not ready to begin worshipping maskless to still do so in-person. This also allows for folks who are ready to begin worshipping maskless to still do so in-person. Of course, if anyone does not feel comfortable being in church (whether due to personal illness or our current mask policy), they are welcomed to worship from home through our 10:30AM livestream on our website.

We are a welcoming, empowering, and supportive community, as we say in our mission statement every Sunday. As an inclusive community, it can be challenged to discern how to support everyone when there are so many diverse needs among us. Our hope is that in this decision, the Co-Rectors and Vestry are continuing in the tradition of St. Paul the Apostle, who admonished us to “become all things to all people.” We hope that this plan allows for pastoral sensitivity, adherence to the latest scientific guidelines from the local, state, and federal public health authorities, and respect for the wisdom provided by our Bishop & Diocese. You are deeply loved and nothing in all creation, not even a mask, can separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:37-39).

With the love of Christ,

Rev. Dan+ & Rev. Jessie+