Dear Friends,

Legacies are what we are remembered and honored for. Each of us will have a legacy. How we are remembered is up to us. I am writing to you today to ask you to consider how you might use a planned, legacy gift to express your deeply held beliefs and values in a way that facilitates the mission and ministry of the Church of St. Paul in the Desert for generations to come.

St. Paul’s is a vibrant, diverse parish that exemplifies what we expect to find in an open-hearted and loving community. We have grown over the years, in numbers and in the kind of mission and ministry we offer to young and old, gay and straight, rich and poor. We are located in the heart of Palm Springs and in many ways we have become its heart. St. Paul’s is a place to come and be loved, no matter who you are.

If you value this ministry and community, you may wish to make a lasting expression of support for it through your Last Will and Testament, your Living Trust, or by some other means of planned (legacy) giving. We have the opportunity to help St. Paul’s build on its vibrancy and vitality by including a bequest or planned gift in our estate plans that support the establishment of our Parish Endowment. You will be recognized and honored as a Charter Member of our newly established Legacy Society.

In recognition of your generous intention, the Church of St. Paul in the Desert will recognize you as a Charter Member of the newly established Legacy Society. Inviting you into this fellowship is our way of thanking you, and helping you stay informed of new developments in mission and ministry. You will be our guests at an annual event held in honor of legacy members, during which we will remember our beloved faithful departed and welcome new members. Membership in the Legacy Society is optional and voluntary. Membership is offered by a simple declaration of intent. There are no legal or irrevocable arrangements required for membership.

We have enclosed a form for you to complete that will provide us with an indication in general terms of the nature of your arrangements. We have also enclosed a sample Codicil to help you make provision for your bequest in an attachment to an existing Will or Living Trust rather than having to amend the original document. This can help you reduce or eliminate the cost of amending your Will. Please consult with your estate-planning attorney or financial advisor to determine what is best for you regarding what kind of planned gift to make.

Please let us know if you have any questions about making your legacy endowment gift.

We have declared our legacy gift intentions, and we hope you will too. One of the objectives of the Legacy Society will be to keep our Legacy Society members in touch with our mission.

Sincerely yours,

David Hale
Chair, Legacy Society

The Rev. Jessie Thompson

The Rev. Dan Kline

Download Legacy Society Documents & Forms (PDF)