St. Paul in the Desert Supports Marriage Equality

Weddings are an offering for our community of faith. Normally at least one member of a couple who desires to be married in the church is a member of the Parish. If they are not, they are invited to visit and worship with us.

All couples receive appropriate preparation for their marriage.

Typically, the ceremony is conducted in the Sanctuary of the Church, by Parish Clergy, with the Parish Organist.

Marriage ceremonies are in accordance with the official liturgies of the Episcopal Church.

Generally, we need 3 months notice to schedule a wedding. If either member of the couple has been previously married and divorced, a wedding through St. Paul’s will require the additional step of receiving the approval of the Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego. If you have questions about your situation, they can usually be answered in your first meeting with the rector.

The wedding is a religious ceremony we require couples to observe guidelines on music, flowers, photography, and decoration which are designed to enhance it’s significance.

The specifics will be available following the initial visit with the rector. You may use the contact form below, or call the Parish Office (760) 320-7488 for more information.

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