The community of St. Paul is blessed to have a facility that has grown to reflect the needs and desires of the parish.

It is a place for worship, study, celebration, outreach, hospitality and administration. The campus at 125 W. El Alameda has developed from a single building to a small, yet complete physical setting for our work and worship. Overall, the campus is in pleasant condition.

The sanctuary is designed in a mid-century Mission Revival style, and seats 530; the narthex provides access to restrooms and a bride’s room; and the chancel hosts the lectern, pulpit, organ, grand piano, and seating for the choir. We set the altar forward near the people. A sacristy is accessed from the chancel and from outside.

We have been blessed with a significant upgrade to our organ through the gift of a parishioner. Our new organ is a Rodgers Infinity, Model 361, a 3-manual and Pedal digital organ. The piano in the sanctuary is a Steinway grand; two other grand pianos are in Hogarth Hall and the choir practice room. The sanctuary hosts artwork donated by parishioners, and stained-glass windows grace the church’s side walls and clerestory. Outside the church is a recent mural telling the cultural history of Palm Springs.

Hogarth Hall contains the parish’s main community room (about 1,200 square feet), plus restrooms, classrooms, a kitchen and storage. The Music Director’s office and choir practice room are also here. The hall will soon need renovation.

Blondon House is a former residence that is now the parish’s administrative center and including offices (including the Rector’s office) library, rest rooms, copy room, small kitchen and lobby. An upstairs one-bedroom apartment is accessible from outside and made available to visiting clergy and other guests of the parish. A separate ‘casita’ includes rooms used by many recovery groups (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, et al) and provides additional storage.

The campus exterior includes paved parking for 94 vehicles, landscaping with a dedicated outdoor chapel, patio spaces and children’s play equipment. A colonnade connects the church to Hogarth Hall and Blondon House and includes in its columns a columbarium of 240 spaces. The campus buildings are all provided with air conditioning or updated evaporative cooling and have alarm security; a mobile patrol provides additional safeguard.