For Sunday August 20, 2023

The Feast of the Transfiguration Recap

+ We returned to the Common Cup after nearly 3 years in a unified 9:30AM service. Many folks participated in this ancient practice as a sign of our unity as the Body of Christ. Others intincted (“dipped”) their bread in the wine, others took the host only, others took gluten-free or alcohol-free elements, and still others participated in spiritual communion by watching from the livestream. Whatever way you partook of Christ on the Feast of the Transfiguration, you all were reminders of our connection through Jesus as the One Body.

+ Our Surprise Announcement: Earlier this year an anonymous donor approached us to see if they could sponsor new altar hangings and vestments for our parish. We have not had a unified set that spans the entire church year. After prayerful discussion, we decided to accept this generous gift. During the service, we unveiled the first in the series of these new adornments. We started our worship with our familiar green vestments for the Liturgy of the Word. We then saw them transfigured to white during the Liturgy of the Table, as we ascended the mountain to commune with the Christ in his unveiled glory. As we descended the mountain to go back into the world in service of others, the vestments were changed one last time into the new vestments. They are green because they represent the liturgical season of ordinary time. We ended the service where we started – with the same color. At the same time, we ended in a new direction with a new set, having been transfigured from one degree of glory to another. Our older, eclectic altar garments will continue to be used occasionally, which will also help to lengthen their lifespan. We are incredibly grateful for this gift to our parish that enhances the beauty of worship. If you have not seen them in person yet, we can’t wait for you to see them the next time you are with us. Don’t worry, ordinary time is the longest season of the church year so they will be with us for the next couple of months. Be on the lookout for the next set in the series in the near future!

+ We thanked and blessed our Worship Coordinators, Altar Ministers, Altar Guild, Production Team (e.g. Livestream), Lectors, and Ushers. These members play a critical role in ensuring worship happens every Sunday. If you want to learn more about this once per month commitment, please reach out to Rev. Jessie at . We are in need of some more folks to help round out our team (especially at the 8AM service!).

+ We blessed 135 Blessing Bags during the service. Blessing Bags are easy-to-carry bags with small sundries for our houseless neighbors. They are meant to be kept with you when you are out and about the town so that if you see someone in need, you can give them some supplies that are easy for them to carry. We thanked all the members of the Social Justice Ministry, especially Lena Granet, Chairperson, and Richard Patenaude, who brought the idea to St. Paul’s from his last parish. Thank you, too, to all who contributed specific items, contributed money, or helped to pack the bags together the Sunday prior. Thank you also for distributing the bags as a reminder of the abundant love of Christ!

Here are some stories we are hearing about Blessing Bags:

“I’ve been taking them to folks while I ride the bus. We should rename them humble bags because it is a humbling thing to be able to help those in need who are on the bus.”

“I went down to Sunrise park and was able to help a couple in need.”

“We saw a woman with a sign that read her dog had passed away. We were able to help provide her comfort during a difficult time in her life with this simple gesture.”

“Do you have any more? I was on my walk in the park early in the morning and already handed a few out!”

Future blessing of the bags will occur and they will be available in the narthex for all to pick up and distribute whenever possible. All of the items will still be needed, so please feel free to bring them as part of your offering in the baskets.

A Note About the Pianos From Our Interim Music Director

The black Steinway has been moved from the church to the Parish Hall, and the “walnut” Steinway that was in the old choir room was moved to the church this week. The black Steinway continues to have its challenges – keyboard action and pedal issues – which are being resolved, little by little. The “walnut” piano is a fine instrument which has a more pleasing sound and superior key action. This switch will enable us to have greater use of the preferred instrument. I hope to play piano in more of our liturgies and am pleased to now have a worthy instrument in the church for accompanying the choir, soloists, and hymns. I’m looking forward to showing you the “new” Steinway on Sunday!

Parish Life Circle Supper Ministry 2023-2024

If you’re interested in checking out this fun ministry for the upcoming Season, here’s a bit of information that you may want to consider:

“Circle Suppers” are gatherings of small groups of parishioners (usually no more than 10-12) who meet monthly to socialize – typically while sharing a meal – to get to know each other better.  These “Suppers” often take place in members’ homes or local restaurants – but can happen anywhere that’s comfortable and conducive to relaxed conversation.  Circle Supper gatherings have no assigned reading and no prescribed (or proscribed) topics of conversation.  They are all about building friendships across a large parish where many people, new and old, see their fellow parishioners rarely, or not at all. The goal is to nurture friendships and have fun.  

To join Circle Suppers for 2023-2024, please add your name to the sign-up sheet you’ll find in the Narthex, by August 31.

To help us plan for the coming year, we’re asking current members who do not plan to participate in the Circle Supper Ministry in 2022-23, to inform Gary Hiatt at .

Hiking Club News – New Date!

The Parish Life Hiking Club has planned an off-season summer hike for September 16, in the Oak Glen Preserve, only about 40 miles west of Palm Springs in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. (Hikers, meet at Oak Glen at 9:00 AM.)The Oak Glen Preserve sits in a tranquil canyon filled with apple orchards, shady green forests, babbling brooks and steep mountain slopes.  It’s a great nearby getaway from the hot desert summer.  We will be hiking the scenic Preserve Loop through the Preserve’s many diverse ecosystems.  The trail meanders through curated gardens, beneath towering conifers, past a pretty little lake and then in and out of a shady oak forest as it descends through the chaparral to a pleasant hollow, before climbing again to a beautiful shady meadow.  Deer and other wildlife can sometimes be spotted along the trail.

The trail is about 2.5 miles long in total and links several smaller trails within the Oak Glen Preserve.  It is officially ranked as “Easy,” and should be safely within the skill set of our group.  The trail is well-marked and in good condition, with an easy grade most of the way. There are one or two segments with sharper descents and climbs, including one or two portions with stairs.  The total elevation change across the entire trail is about 500 feet.  There are two areas of sharper descent or ascent, but they should be doable by any who’ve hiked with us previously. This is a dog-friendly trail.  Dogs on-leash are welcome.  Please review the trail description and make sure it is right for your furry friend (it may be an ambitious trek for smaller dogs). You’ll want to carry a dish of some sort so your dog can pause to drink.

What to Bring – Proper footgear is important.  You should wear solid, comfortable walking shoes with a grippy rubber sole that has tread and good traction.  Also don’t forget the usual hiking standards: ample water, sunscreen, and a hat – bug spray is also a good idea.  While this area will feel like paradise compared to August heat in Palm Springs, it will still be objectivelywarm, so dress lightly and prepare for occasional areas of full sun.  Anyone needing additional balance or stability should consider bringing a walking stick or trekking pole.

There should be ample time after the hike to share a quick repast, linger among wildflowers, and visit the nearby apple stand for some tasty fresh cider. We would like to host a late-morning picnic for this hike similar to what we did in Idyllwild last summer.  We welcome volunteers willing to help organize this aspect of the trip and/or bring some sort of potluck item. For more information or to sign up for the hike, please contact Nancy Antonius

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the summer hike date.

Chris Kelly

St Paul’s Book Club

The next Book Club meeting will be held Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 2:00 PM, via Zoom. (NOTE TIME CHANGE!) Our September Book Club selection is Hello Beautiful by Ann Napatilano.

William Waters grew up in a house silenced by tragedy, where his parents could hardly bear to look at him. So, when he meets the spirited Julia in his college, it’s as if the world has lit up around him. A profoundly moving portrait of what is possible when we choose to love someone not despite who they are, but because of it.

New members are always welcome at Book Club. For more information, please contact Alan Zimmerman at

New Online Bible Course … for Smarties!

You’ve heard of The Bible for Dummies. Now, introducing The Bible … for Smarties! A chance to explore and learn about the Bible without dumbing it down. Going beyond your typical Bible Study, this seminar will be a university-level academic class focused on Nurturing Students towards a Nuanced, Critical Interpretation and Sophisticated Understanding of the Texts of the Bible.

Dr. David Moseley will be the Instructor for two upcoming online course-offerings which will be the beginning of a two-year cycles of classes covering the whole Bible in four semester classes: (1) A short Introduction to Hermeneutics (Principles of Biblical Interpretation – 3 weeks) in late summer; and (2) A 12-week class on Hebrew Scriptures 1 (background to the Hebrew Scriptures, and detailed study of the Torah and Deuteronomist History … from Genesis to Ezra-Nehemiah), starting in September.

For more information, email Dr. Moseley

Opportunity to Help Doctoral Student

One of the Jesuit priests affiliated with the Catholic Community at UCSD, Lucas Sharma, is working on a PhD in sociology and wishes to interview gay men who used to identify as Roman Catholic but no longer do. If you are interested in participating in his research, please contact him directly at .

Project Title: Understanding LGBTQ+ and Catholic Identities Project

Researcher: Fr. Lucas Sharma, S.J., Graduate Student, UC San Diego Department of Sociology

Contact Info:

The primary aim of this study is to understand the role of religious socialization in the Roman Catholic Church for LGBTQ persons. In this portion of the study, I am studying gay cisgender men who are formerly Catholic. “Formerly” includes a) men who grew up Catholic but no longer practice, b) men who once identified as Catholic but no longer do, c) men who actively left Catholicism, and d) men who marginally identify as Catholic but no longer practice. Interviews are expected to last between an hour and 90 minutes.

Eucharistic Visitor Training
Single-Day Workshops: August 23 or November 15

St. Paul’s is creating a new and active Eucharistic Visitor ministry and invites you to consider getting involved. If you are yearning for a way to serve your church that is sacramental and pastoral, if you are looking for ways to enrich your own spiritual and faith journey, becoming a Eucharistic Visitor is for you! Eucharistic Visitors serve as a bridge between the church and those unable to attend Sunday worship or participate in other church activities. EVs bring their presence, the congregation’s goodwill, and the sacraments to share with the sick, disabled, or lonely.

The Diocese requires EVs to receive formal training at one of the two single-day workshops scheduled for August 23 and November 15. The workshops, convened and led by The Rev. Canon Nancy R. Holland, Deacon, will be via ZOOM from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. There is no cost to attend but the diocese has Lay Licensing requirements to be met before workshop participation. Our EVs are also required to attend a St. Paul’s EV training class in the near future (date TBD). Formal licensing is required for all Eucharistic Visitors.

If you are interested in serving as a Eucharistic Visitor, (or exploring, if you feel a call to it), reach out to Rev. Jessie () to discuss asap.

Sunday’s Altar Flowers are given to the Glory of God.

“The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom . . .” Isaiah 35:1-2

If you would like to sponsor altar flowers for a future Sunday honoring a special person or event, you’ll find the sign-up book in the Narthex, or you can call the Parish Office at 760.320.7488 to reserve your sponsorship date(s).

Mid-week Services

You are invited to the church on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM each week for contemplative Eucharist/Evening Prayer.  The church will be open the hour prior (5:00-6:00 PM) for silent, personal prayer. Come and rest.

Prayers of the Church

For the Anglican Communion, and for the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby; for The Church of England, The Most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and The Most Reverend Stephen Geoffrey Cottrell, Archbishop of York.

For the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii, The Right Reverend Robert L. Fitzpatrick, Bishop; for the clergy and people of Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, Lahaina, the Reverend Bruce DeGooyer, Vicar.

For the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, The Right Reverend J. Scott Barker, Bishop.

For the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, The Right Reverend Dr. Susan Brown Snook, Bishop; for the clergy and people of St. David’s, San Diego; for the children and teachers of St. David’s Preschool.

For those commended to our prayers: Christian Waltaian, Adele Kelley, Sebastian Hall, The Rev. Dr. Sonia Waters, John Hines, Diane & Chuck Hines, Ken Van Horn, Dan Drinan, Ted Guice, Jerry Di Noto, Solveig Peck, Robert Patnode, Don Orsbern, Tish & Eliott Kahn, Terry Garrity, Rus Butler, Joe Christopher, Sylvia Toney, Moses Moffitt, Jimmie Faye Johnson, Lennie Ruth Miller, Hope Yarborough, Crystal, Jodene Catterlin, Kenneth Catterlin, Nancy Catterlin Hales, Raymond Stimson, Mark Malone, Robert Blackman, Jeffrey M., Gail Walker, Stan Spooner, Chloe Grace Wilson Barton, Rich Ballard, Mel Parsons, Peter Kent, Jo Ellen Doering, Joanne Humphrey, Ken Van Horn,  Amelia Grinstead, Marilyn De Silva Currie, Donald Chase, Greg Gowdy, A.J. Miller, Tom Lutgen; pray for all those for whom no prayers have been said.

For those who have died: Brian Nealy, Gary Nutt, Antonietta Colucii, Anna Q., Joshua Jones, Stanley Rule, Shawna Roberts, John Budovec, Jack Pellum, Grady Harrison, Duane “Dirk” Beach-Barrow, Dennis Fred McBride, Evelyn Bennett, Beryl Parsons, Tony Bennett, Santina Iacono, Angelo DeWitt, Gene Mobley, Amy Shulman.

Rest eternal grant to these, your servants, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

For those with birthdays: August 20: Larry Stralow, Sandra Shaw, Marian Stinson; August 21: Doug Thompson; August 22: Leonard Lane; August 23: Kathy Holloway, Hap Blaisdell, Lynn Pease; August 24: David Smith; August 25: Kathy Kilmer, Brian Bishop; August 26: Amber Mendivil, Andrea Randall.

For those celebrating anniversaries: August 20: Lou Armentrout & Mick Welch; August 24: Ramon Gueits & McLeaman Legg.

For those for whom flowers have been donated: Today’s Altar Flowers and the flowers adorning the Narthex today are sponsored by Jon Coates & John Raposa, in loving memory of Charles & Joan Raposa.

Send us your Prayer Requests via email — You may request prayers, “For those commended to our prayers” or “For those who have died,” by sending requests to Weekly print deadline is Wednesday noon.

For next Sunday’s Lectionary readings, go to and click on August 27, 2023, The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

Upcoming Meetings & Events at St Paul’s

  • Saturday, August 19 – 6:00 PM – Latino Ministry Dinner – Home of Bonnie Stroock.
  • Wednesday, August 23 – 4:00 PM – HR Committee Meeting – Library.
  • Wednesday, August 23 – 6:30 PM – Executive Committee Meeting – Library.
  • Sunday, August 27 – 1:00 PM – Vestry meeting – Library.
  • Tuesday, September 5 – 12:00 PM – Stewardship Committee Meeting.
  • Tuesday, September 5 – 2:00 PM – Book Club via Zoom.
  • Saturday, September 16 – 9:00 AM – Parish Life Hiking Club – Oak Glen Preserve.
  • Sunday, September 24 – 9:00 AM – Newcomers’ Class – Library.
  • Sunday, October 15 – 10:30 AM – ONE SERVICE –Welcome Back Sunday – SAVE THE TIME & DATE!

Sunday Service LiveStreaming

St Paul Streaming Worship Services

We are livestreaming our 10:30 AM Sunday Eucharist every week. The livestream project was made possible through a generous gift from a “snowbird” member from Philadelphia who wintered in Palm Springs for many years and worshiped at St. Paul’s every Sunday. You can view the livestream on our Home Page, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Page.

Missed a service?  Or want to rewatch a liturgy? All our past services are available to watch either on our YouTube Channel: or on our Facebook timeline:

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