For Sunday, November 3rd

Transition Update

Applications for membership on the Transition Committee were sent by email to parishioners who have email addresses on file and by regular mail for those without email. The applications are also available on the Diocesan website. All parishioners in good standing are invited to apply.

The two major responsibilities of the Committee are to oversee the completion of the Parish Profile, which will be used by the Diocese to solicit qualified applicants for our Rector position, and to review and recommend Rector candidates to the Vestry.

Fall Time Change

Sunday, November 3rd.

Don’t forget to “fall back” this weekend. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 3, so be sure to turn your clocks back one hour sometime on Saturday, November 2.

Palm Springs Pride & Veterans’ Day Parades

The Parades/Special Events Team is organizing our contingents in the PS Pride Parade, Sunday November 3, and in the Veterans’ Day Parade, Monday November 11. Walkers, riders and drivers are encouraged to participate, and sign-up sheets are in the Narthex, Parish Hall and Office. There will be a limited number of seats available in cars.


Parish Life Book Club

The Parish Life Book Club is a group of people who enjoy reading and talking about the books they read. New members are always welcome.

The next Book Club meeting will be Tuesday, November 5, at 1:00 PM in the Library. For the November meeting we will discuss Anne Lamott’s “Almost Everything: Notes on Hope. This profound and funny book calls for each of us to rediscover the hope and wisdom that are buried with us and can make life sweeter than we ever imagined.

For more information please contact Alan Zimmerman at

Taize Service

“With candlelit altar and icons, simple refrains capture the attention of the soul.  They break through the noise of our lives to seize our spirits and give us courage.” 

You are invited to be a part of our next monthly Taize service on Thursday, November 7 at 7:00 PM in the church.

The Latino Ministry Memorial Altar

Has a family member passed away recently, or has a special pet died? Show your love for them by bringing their photo or a small favorite belonging to put on a Memorial Altar. On November 10 and 17, on the East Wall table in the Parish Hall, we will reverence a collection of memory items. Please label items with your name and a phone number so they can be returned to you.

The Latino Ministry – Bonnie Stroock 760.324.7949.

Potluck Supper!

The Fall Parish Potluck Supper is quickly approaching! It’s scheduled for Thursday, November 14, in the Parish Hall, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.

Sign-up sheets are in the Narthex and in the Parish Hall. Please add your name and specify what you want to bring to share (main dish, veggies, salad, dessert, beverage – whatever you think others will enjoy). It will be a great opportunity to be with friends, old and new, during our time of transition. Your assistance with cleaning up after the potluck is always appreciated. See you there!

Alzheimer’s Coachella Valley (ACV)

The Dementia Caregiver Support Group at St Paul’s meets every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM in an air-conditioned room in the Parish Hall. For more information, please see the program flyer or call Chuck Olsen, ACV Support Group Facilitator, at 760.667.3100.

As a reminder, the weekly meetings are intended for care givers only.

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Community Fall Festival

The Children’s Ministry held our first annual Community Fall Festival Sunday, October 20 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM on the church grounds, and we are very pleased and proud to say that the event was a great success. It was well attended with a steady stream of families with children, and even some adults who wanted to be kids for the afternoon. They had a great time playing the games, eating the food (with the candy and snow cones being the most popular), getting their faces and arms painted and enjoying arts and crafts.

The Palm Springs Fire Department with their fire truck was a very popular stopping point, and it was fun to watch the firemen lifting the kids up into the cab so they could sit behind the wheel and learn all the functions of the truck. The Palm Springs Police Department distributed miniature police cars, and the 4shayj Foundation provided free safety helmets and spoke to the kids and adults about the importance of wearing helmets. (The Foundation was established by parents who lost their young son due to a skateboard accident when he was not wearing a helmet.) Fr. David Caffrey cranked up the grill and barbequed some delicious hamburgers and hotdogs. We raffled off two bikes donated by Jessup Auto, along with some smaller prizes, and the loan of tents and donation of bottled water by Hot Purple Energy helped everyone cope with the heat. (The kids figured out their own way of dealing with the heat with the help of water balloons!)

This was a monumental event that took a lot of planning and work, but the results were well worth all the effort. We were able to keep this event free to the public by the generous donations of our corporate sponsors: Cal-Aurum Industries, Crown Meats, Hot Purple Energy, Jessup Auto, L ’Artisan Valley Baking Company, RCPA Financial and 4shayj Foundation. We heard many words of thanks and praise from parents about how wonderful it was that we hosted the Festival – for free! We learned a lot as we put the event together, but we are ready to do it again next year. We are very excited that other children’s organizations have expressed an interest and willingness to be part of our Fall Festival 2020. The Palm Springs Police and Fire Departments also said they will be back with us next time too. A big thank you, as well, to all our parishioners and so many others who volunteered their time to help make the afternoon such a success. Last, but not least, a big thank you to Terry and Hector, our sextons, for all their help.

First Sunday Suppers

The Children’s Ministry launched our First Sunday Suppers program, October 6. We began the festive evening with a craft exercise and ended with a pizza party. The First Sunday Suppers will take place on the first Sunday of every month, with different activities and food planned for each. We intend this to be an intergenerational activity and one that will help introduce new families and children of all ages to our Children’s Ministry programs. The event is free to all, so please invite your family and friends. All are welcome.

For additional information, contact Children’s Ministry Leaders Deana and Ken Huff at 760.992.4138  or email

November – December 2019

November 3, 4:00-6:00 PM – First Sunday Supper – Parish Hall
November 17, 10:30 AM — Monthly Sunday School Class
November 24, 10:30 AM – Children’s Sunday Worship Service

December 1, 4:00-6:00 PM First Sunday Supper — Parish Hall
December 15, 10:30 AM — Monthly Sunday School Class
December 22, 10:20 AM — Children’s Sunday Worship Servicer
December 24, 6:00 PM – Family Christmas Eve Service

In Memoriam

Earl Smith

Ira Andersen

Archie Caddell

Mary Lou Feenstra

Jeannette DeBonne

Ginger Baker

Adult Faith Building

Sundays at 9:15 AM in the Library: The Episcopal Café
The Adult Faith Building Program offers courses, workshops, lectures and discussion groups on varied theological, biblical and spirituality topics.


11/10: An Attitude of Gratitude: Little things can make a big difference
Led by Alan Zimmerman

11/17: Developing a Discipline of Gratitude
Led by Karen Nelson

11/24: I’m Grateful for Being Better Than You!
Led by Br. John Charles

Tuesdays at 6:00 – 7:30 PM, in the Library

Lives of Great Christians:  “If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of God is resting on you.” (1 Peter 4:14)

11/5: Damien of Molokai & Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Led by Karen Nelson

11/12: Dietrich Bonhoeffer & Maximillian Koebe
Led by Br. John Charles

11/19: From Slavery to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Led by Alan Zimmerman

11/26: Gustavo Gutierrez and Liberation Theology
Led by Gary Scott

Coffee Hour after Services

There will be no coffee hour this week.

Report clergy misconduct

As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a safe haven for everyone, our diocese trains people in the prevention of misconduct and encourages all to report misconduct. All reported incidences are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and confidentially. If you believe you have experienced misconduct of any kind, please contact John Seitman, 858-793-4555 or Equilla Luke, 760-583-0485.

Compassionate Care Task Force

Our diocesan task force on compassionate care for victims of clergy sexual misconduct seeks to connect with those who have experienced misconduct. If you have reported clergy sexual misconduct and have information about the reporting or post-reporting experience that could be helpful to their work, please refer to the task force members, all of whom are listed on the diocesan website: Task-Force. Information on how to report misconduct is available here.

Church Office Hours

Office Hours are 9 am – 4:30 pm Tuesday through Friday. The office is closed on Mondays.

Should you call on Monday when we are closed to the public, please leave a message. In case of an emergency, a priest will return your call.

Sunday Worship Childcare

Childcare is available during the 10:30 a.m. service.

Bullying Behavior Not Welcome Here

At St. Paul in the Desert we welcome all worshipers to a place that is free of violence and bullying.

Physical, verbal or emotional violence against others or against oneself is not acceptable because of our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.  Please let Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself be your guide.

“It Gets Better” is a series of video messages to encourage Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender youth and let them know that they are loved as they are.

“A Blessing for Those Who Are Bullied” was written by the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, a Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

It is not enough to say “NO” to bullies. It is important to stand up for people and to provide resources for those who have been the targets.

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