Transition Update 02/05/2020

After a successful retreat January 25, 2020 and a commissioning at the Annual Meeting on January 26, 2020, both teams of the Transition Committee have begun preparing for the Congregational Assessment Tool better known as the CAT. In addition to logistics, there are forms to complete which provide our parish demographics to Holy Cow Consulting. The CAT has been used in over 3000 churches, big and small across the country and has a track record of accurately assessing the vitality of congregations.

Holy Cow comes highly recommended by the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego.

The CAT is a customizable assessment instrument that helps us do the following:
• Measure the level of satisfaction and energy in our parish
• Identify the critical success factors for improving parish climate
• Discover where parishioners would like to go in the future
• Gauge readiness for change
• Uncover potential resources we may be missing
• Prepare for a search for our next rector

For the next three weeks, you will hear and receive announcements about how and when to begin using the link for your input into the online version of the CAT. For those who do not have access to a computer or do not feel comfortable completing the survey online, announcements will have information where you can pick up a paper copy of the CAT and how to return your completed form. No names are necessary, and your answers will be completely anonymous. One link will be issued per household and can be used multiple times. The survey should be completed for each parish member 16 years of age or older.

We invite your prayers for the parish as we discern our individual responses. Each voice will be valued and will help reflect the most complete vision of The Church of St. Paul in the Desert.

Thank you!

The Transition Committee
Clinton L Carbon, Convener

Transition Committee Update 01/16/2020

Committee Co-Chairs met with the Convener and Vestry Wardens to discuss plans for the upcoming Transition Committee Retreat.  This organizational retreat will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 for all Transition Committee members and Vestry. Diocesan staff members will also attend with resource materials and best practices to share with the group.

The entire committee will be presented and commissioned during the Annual Meeting on January 26, 2020 right after the special 9AM All-Parish Eucharist.  We look forward to your presence and future participation, and ask your prayers for the Transition Committee, the Vestry, the potential candidates, our parish and the Diocese throughout this process.

– Clinton L Carbon, Convener

Appointment of Transition Committee (12/4/19)

The Vestry of the Church of St. Paul in the Desert has created two teams from the pool of twenty-seven (27) congregant applicants to work in concert as the Transition Committee. This group represents a breadth of personalities, gifts, leadership styles, viewpoints, open hearts and minds, and commitment to our community’s mission and vision. The committee’s charge is to assist the Vestry in the process leading to the call of the ninth rector of our parish. It is the Vestry’s canonical responsibility to call a new rector. The teams are The Search Process Team and The Parish Profile Team.

Parish Profile Team

Stan Bisho – Co-Chair
Brian Blueskye – Editor
Julee Collins
Craig Ewing
Andrew Foote
Lena Granet
Mary Mann – Co-Chair
Dale McGhee
Gary Scott
Roberto Thais

Rector Search Team

Dee Dee Barton
Hap Blaisdell
Alexis Clark
Brian Evans
Tom Lutgen
Audrey Spencer – Co-Chair
Rick Tinsley
Russ Uthe
Ed Walsh – Co-Chair

Team members will attend a required retreat to be held Saturday, January 25, 2020 (time and place to be decided). The full Transition Committee will be commissioned into a confidential, covenantal relationship with the parish supported by the corporate and private prayers of the congregation. Commissioning will take place during an appointed service (date and time to be decided).

Clinton L Carbon, Transition Committee Convener
Peter Di Carlo, Senior Warden
Bro. John Charles Westaway, Junior Warden